Monday, March 30, 2009

In Anticipation of the NOJAzzFest 2009

A welcoming view from the French Quarter on the First weekend of the 2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.


On the way from the French Quarter to the Fairgrounds the signs of Katrina remain, although there is new paint on some to hide the dereliction.


I had a great time stomping up a storm with the lively tunes of Buckwheat Zydeco

Buck Wheat Zydeco

And seeing Carol Fran was a treat.
Carol Fran

I love going to Jazz fest in New Orleans. My first time was the year right after Katrina, and I have been going every year since. I had never know a New Orleans other than post Katrina, and I can say the people of NOLa are incredible at turning the other cheek and living for the day, and living with gusto.

Every year I anticipate the release of the weekend Artist lineups, and once they are published, I print them and highlight everyone I really want to see and photograph for both weekends and see which one has more. Then coordinate with my traveling companions, work and family to see which weekend is feasible in reality.

Then come the Jazz Fest Cubes, the grid system published to show what artist is performing on what stage and at what time; it looks much more simple than how I have described. Again with the highlighter, my kids like to color with me too.

After the Cubes come the Grids. The grids are a great online publication of the nightlife and club venues in New Orleans. I love seeing Kermit Ruffins, and at the Rock-n-Bowl is one of my favorite spots, I will get to do so again this year!
This year My companions are doing something special, on of my friends is having her 30th Anneversary of going to Jazz Fest! and we are staying an extra night to go to WWOZ's Piano Night at the House of Blues! I cant Wait!

The Food! I have yet to have better Red Beans and Rice than at Jazz Fest. The Crawfish Monica, Po-boys, Crawfish Bread, Rose Mint Tea... oh my mouth is watering right now!

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