Monday, March 30, 2009

Hope for GM

30 days for GM to figure out what is has been unable to do for the past decades? I have Hope for our President's Plan, and I will continue to support Barak Obama if things do not fair so well for GM.

I seriously hope that GM will make commitments to retool and provide the next generation of alternative fuel vehicles.

In my opinion their plan should include a predictive estimate of fuel supply consumption and ramp the production of those vehicles down, exactly opposite the rate of consumption. A Quick Win would be to implement more efficient diesel engines across a broader range of vehicles, with a mandatory bio-diesel option!
Next, go Hybrid, and for real - not what the Chevy Volt is becoming, but to learn from what was scrapped, the EV-1.
And right there, the EV-1... why not the EV-2, 3, 4...?!

All of those government fleet vehicles to be purchase need to be electric only for inner city transit, and charged primarily by solar, wind or another green energy.

Initiatives for automatic speed modulation would improve fuel efficiency once implemented widely, and improve safety. Mercedes already has it in their S-Class, read here in Ryan Block's engadget article, if the GM engineers could take that to the next level where the surrounding vehicles transmit and receive speed, rpm, and direction information and adjust accordingly to allow merging and either via GPS destination control or by manually signaling.
I believe the technology exists in descrete packages that can be integrated to do all of this and more, like the incredible creations for DARPA.

As for the the abundance of redundance in the GM product line, two brands Chevrolet, and Cadillac. Drop all of the inter-competing products, and as Obama's Plan suggests create a Global Platform. That global platform needs to also infiltrate the industrial transit markets as well, imagine making the Prius of delivery trucks?

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